New audio taach ngolyot by zaburi

Jonathan Bett Zaburi

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    1. Victoria Chepkemoi

      I like this song be bless enough also miss to sing like this

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Thanks sister

    2. Victoria Chepkemoi

      I enjoy your songs especially this one keep it up

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Karibu sana

    3. maxwel kiplangat

      Wish to have its audio it's nice bro ELohim give you strength in your songs

    4. Pkirui Ngetich

      What a mint and blessing song! Brother, you are a gifted brethren who through yo songs alone many souls are nourished and healed. Be blessed to much. Also would wish to request uploading of the same in audio form to sites easily accessible. Kitaach boisiek akichek ako kigeer kole mie👏👏👏👏

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Poa bro nashukuru sana,be blessed too


      You are a valuable asset bro, we can't afford to have a life without you, tach ng'olyot nesobe 👏👏👏👏👏👏

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Thanks you brother, be blessed


      what a beautiful and blessing song...

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Plz na usubscribe my channel e

    7. chepkoech loice

      Very powerful song..thanks to Elohim.

      1. Jonathan Bett Zaburi

        Plz na u subscribe my channel e sister

    8. Kipkoech Clement

      Nice one.