Nailah Blackman - Sweet And Loco (Official Music Video)

Nailah Blackman Official

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    Music Video for "Sweet And Loco" performed by Nailah Blackman
    Produced by: Team Salut
    Written by: Jeffrey Nortey, Noel Scales, Mailca Martin, Guylaire Leon Jr., Nailah Blackman
    Recording Engineer: Victor Pereyra at Circle House Studio Miami, FL
    Mixing Engineer: Victor Pereyra of Victory Music Studios
    Mastering Engineer: Precision Productions
    Executive Producer: Anson Soverall, King Leo Productions, Sokah Experience Ltd.
    Executive Producer: Shayad Andrews, Lorraine O’Connor & Anson Soverall
    Producer: Shayad 'Captain Plexx' Andrews
    Director/DP/Edit: Shayad Andrews (@CaptainPlex)
    Assist. Director: Danny J
    Prod Assistants: Gervail Leemo, Jono Hirst, Elijah Riley, Celine Beddoe, Quan Blackman
    Special thanks to Lemon Grass
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    1. pedro pedrera

      S pij a

    2. 0nica Delarosa

      Come to you if you 😘💩

    3. Anie matthews

      I like the song🗣🔊 very bad

    4. joe mike

      Love it

    5. patience maroga

      ❤️♥️ You so less u can't control me, I love u

    6. Keva Charles

      Love you

    7. Glitch Videos


    8. Njabulo Vix

      I see that gwaragwara dance 🇿🇦💃🏽💃🏽

    9. Hailey OConner

      I been jammin to this all week ahhhh

    10. Denisha Peaches

      I love your songs

    11. Miracle Star

      Nalia to go international. Some one make it happen for this girl... she's on the level of Rihanna and nicki

    12. Ritu S Amin

      She is blessed with a beautiful voice!

    13. Naisha Ramsarran

      Just loving the attitude on Nailah face for this sound 😍😍😍

    14. Liyah Frederick

      I'm in love with this😍,the afrobeats meet soca

    15. Leah Nurse

      I love the song it is sweet

    16. kimora sophie


    17. Nevaeh Samuda

      Shenseea I love you from Nevaeh

    18. Ronaldo Lewis

      Favorite song❤❤🔥🔥👑👑

    19. Lisa Ramroop

      You have hair like my granddaugter

    20. Javed Worrell

      Caribbean music is d best ting... and the music video was made in barbados

    21. Ryan Mc Eachnie

      Where all d trinis

    22. Ken Mohan


    23. Dmayah


    24. Kaylee Gill

      Well she no look to good

    25. Lord sultan


    26. Kerryann Singh

      I Love the song

    27. Fya_ sam_Vi340

      Riddim sound nasty

    28. Jaden Campbell

      Who’s listening this 2020 ? Straight out a Jamaica 🇯🇲 we all love Nailah

    29. Peaches Sweet

      I like this lady so much

    30. Lisa Roberts

      Were do you live Hi 👋

    31. Ackleema Ali

      Keep making that new wave music Nailah so beautiful and colorful I can see you in the Grammy awards

    32. flickchic238

      I requested this song like 10 times on jouvert morning and Carnival monday The DJ was probably so annoyed but idc I love this song!!!!!

    33. Shakirah. BOSS. Pope BOSS. Girl.

      Nailah Blackman boi

    34. Roy King

      Nailah blackman you are the best singer


      I love u gul...I swear😍

    36. Next Gen Ownage

      Please tell me her hair is natural and I'll be 100% sold

      1. Next Gen Ownage

        @Marlon Yeah it does for me. I'm all about self love and there's nothing more beautiful than a confident sister with natural hair, in my opinion.

      2. Marlon

        @Next Gen Ownage does it matter, she has hair, she just cut it short.

      3. Next Gen Ownage

        @Marlon Sigh it's a shame she was actually pretty aswell 😯😐😑😕

      4. Marlon

        No its a wig

    37. Quellz 100

      one of my favorite 💚💜💖u go girl❤❤❤👍👍👍

    38. Mohamed Camara

      I like from France

    39. diamond squad

      I used this song for a compitition i came 5 and beat 7 bitchesss

    40. Queen Kay

      I’m not leaving the Caribbean it’s the best sending love from Jamaica 🇯🇲

    41. Queen Kay


    42. Mary Chapman


    43. Jennise Moh'd

      One of my fav love it nai

    44. flickchic238

      The visuals are so perfect in this one

    45. Jennise Moh'd

      Love this

    46. Burnt Nugget

      I literally cant stop playing over n over

    47. Alisha Rampersaud

      Caribbean girls 💘

    48. Shasa Johnson

      This is what make the Caribbean so beautiful!!!!

    49. Johanne Immis

      SHEESHHHHHHH 🤗💫🤗💫🤗💫💫🤗💫🤗💫🤗💕💕💕💕💕💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌 THIS IS ROYALTYYYYY

    50. Naomi Olton

      I love this song so much ❤️💙❤️❤️💙💙❣️❣️ and I like nailah Blackman

    51. Rajendra Maharaj

      Keep it up girl 😜😜

      1. Rajendra Maharaj


      2. Rajendra Maharaj

        Lol man

    52. Tom's Gaming

      Nailah and Shenseea known as the two best women WORLD BO$$E$ and Mavado and Vybz as men WORLD BO$$E$.

    53. Derwin Pierre

      I'm in love with your song 😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️💗💗

    54. Gail Ghany

      So happy she came to my school a few days ago,she slays!!😘😁

    55. Michelle Kelly

      Favorite soca for d year sweet and loco like 👍and comment👄🥰

    56. Nishana Ramsoondar

      Who isah trini🇹🇹 and proud I am:)🇹🇹

    57. Lee Vaughn Sanchez

      Anybody who does not like this song is a strict hater. Because this is 💯!!!

    58. Rosita Grant

      Video clean n fun. Big up

    59. Tiana Francis


    60. i_stole_jimins_jams _93

      Just a Kashmiri passing by admiring this amazing black QUEEN 💕👏🏻

    61. Anthony Romeo

      Cool video for a trinidad goal like you

    62. Bangtan Tea

      trini female youth big up tt

    63. Mr. Lucifer Hernandez. Calahi

      🇵🇭👻HC👻🇵🇭 I know I'm see Loco,Loco Butt All you like and That's My Personality I Can't Hide Because I Know I'm having Me And Not Have U 🇵🇭👻TAMA AKO IKAW O SILA👻🇵🇭

    64. Ashley Family

      Cute song❤️

    65. Jojo Sexboober

      Im a man and love this tune and love her

    66. Peter Guevara

      Best song eve

    67. Joanna Ramasir Samlal

      Trinidad beats 2020 ye🇹🇹

    68. Chimere De Silva

      yaysss love it.....luv nailah

    69. Destinyfaith Waldron

      Yeah girl

    70. bedina davis

      Super Cute Video & the Bikinis Meh Wan Baaaad

    71. Mr. Lucifer Hernandez. Calahi

      👻HC👻 Hell Yhe... I'm Lokoloko 🙃🙃🙃🥴🥴🙃🙃🙃🙃

    72. roi juste

      Big up Trinidad Nice tune Pull up 🎚🎙♩🎛🎵

    73. Mr. Lucifer Hernandez. Calahi

      👻HC👻 Hahahaha.... 🙃👻🙃

    74. Mr. Lucifer Hernandez. Calahi


    75. kenisha wagner

      Enjoy this song mein

    76. Nia M. Jones

      One of my favorite Soca songs

    77. Burnt Nugget

      Best 2 mins n 40 secs of my lifeeeeeeeeee

    78. Iana Lovell


    79. Neisha Bynoe

      Love this song is like everyday and everynight I listen to this song and when I am crying I listen to this song it make me feel better

      1. Neisha Bynoe


    80. Tiu ሎቭኤ

      "I'm the chocolate that you love, sweet and nutty" lol 💕💕💕