I'm Coming Out.


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    I love you all so much…
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    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I love you.

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    1. NikkieTutorials

      *I love you all so much* 🥺🌈💖

      1. Boujee Beauty

        Love u back

      2. Sham Ml

        We love you more 💙 & so proud of you 💛🌈


        Love U Sis💜💙💚💛❤

      4. ponseliana melianvi

        I love u ♥♥♥

      5. PacisEritVobiscum

        Still messed up of you to not be upfront about your biological sex with your fiance. It is dishonest and no amount of excuses can justify it.

    2. Jaydalyn Orlando

      stop the hate

    3. Shurlanne Thomas

      I can not believe this but I still love you, you didn't even show signs I love you❤️💖💕

    4. LINDSAY

      respect. you are swag af no matter what you were born as. you are who you are man rock the fuck on

    5. Ava Tymon


    6. CubsfanNBR1 !!

      Yay good for you 🏳️‍🌈!!!

    7. RJ&J FAMILY

      Love you

    8. C Co

      you're so classy

    9. Marie-Eve Langlois

      Reminds me of a book This is how it always is. Laurie Frankly 💜

    10. Jade

      I wanted to congratulate you, Nikki. I think you couldn't have spoken and handled the situation better. Really impressive. That's the attitude of a strong and powerful vrouw, which you've always been. I hope you're proud of the woman you ARE. Lots of love and respect xx

    11. NovaKitty

      Where can I shoot the 127K people who disliked.

    12. The android sent by cyber life


    13. Yudith

    14. Ella

      Well that took a turn...

    15. Aveness Mohale

      Continue being amazing

    16. Kylie Webb

      Honestly this makes me love you even more 💚💚

    17. Lisa Falzetta

      I’m incredibly happy for you and excited about your bright future - that you have on your terms! 🥰

    18. Olivia Rehm

      you are so brave!!

    19. Eugene

      No one cares dawg

      1. Edonis Humolli

        Well acually you care because you commented

      2. Antwon Perry


    20. Olivia Rehm

      Nikkie, you are the most inspiring person I've ever known :)

    21. Broccoli-boy

      i'm just gonna say one this doesn't change anything and shouldn't change anything. two she is literally so gorgeous and amazing and three she is a QUEEN👑👑👑👑

    22. Shay

      Ohhh that’s why you’re so Talllllll

    23. Liv

      We love you Nikkie, you are fucking amazing boss lady 👑!!!

      1. Antwon Perry

        She's a man not a lady sis

    24. Kayla Schaaf

      I’m gonna tell you the truth we don’t care if u have boobs, pecks, weenie or vj we only care about your heart and u didn’t lie u just held some info that’s YOURS that you don’t need to tell anyone and I’m sorry that people were blackmailing cause just know karmas a bitch and ur powerful and still a role model but still thank you for sharing and stay happy 🙂

      1. Kayla Schaaf

        Also this doesn’t change anything still love the vids and don’t worry about haters cause they just sad

    25. Jenna Carly

      Love you

    26. TheUltimateWolf

      Hold up stand up to this amazing and incredible queen 👑

    27. Domanic Wight

      You are literally such an inspiration and the fact that you can come out and say this is honestly so amazing.

    28. Wølfie Star

      Ok? It doesn’t change anything we still all love and accept you just as before!! ❤️ you go girl!

    29. Princess Kittencat

      Shes still as fucking beautiful as ever. Trans or not. We love you Nikkie

    30. Ileen Galeano

      I'm crying but i knew it bitch; I had a feeling. Lol. God bless you. You're amazing and beautiful! Happy you shared this. ♡

    31. shamil İsmailov

      Never give up being yourself because you were born in this way!

    32. Timo Se cat man

      the cringeness of these comments damn

    33. ayse y

      Your true self is what we see now. You didn't hide anything I think. It's your personal part which you don't have to share with anyone. It's not hiding. I'm so sad you had to deal with all that anxiety. Of course you're you we all know from the beginning and it's not a reason to change our opinions on you. You're our cutest youtuber also brave and inspiring always. Go girl❤️

    34. gioya tv


    35. Monkey Madness

      Girl I would have never guessed you are beautiful you do you

    36. Ashley Priddy

      I love watching your videos and will continue to watch your videos. Good for you for telling everyone and standing up for yourself. :-)

    37. Maurina Ciarlante

      Girl I am so proud of you Nikki good job good job I just love you so much good job and you’re just the best ARsels or ever I watchi u every day. After school and so like it’s OK to be trans like nobody’s if you wanna put a label on it put them to the side

      1. Maurina Ciarlante

        Sorry I can’t spell

    38. Sydnee Theisen

      Yasss, be a good role model for all the little glow babies Queen.🏳️‍🌈

    39. leave_tutu_harry_alone

      WE STILL LOVE YOU ! 🥺💞

    40. Brylee Jones

      YOU GO GIRLY❤️

    41. Melisa Duman

      Lol she is actually more woman than i am

    42. Ricky Selman


    43. Christopher Fiesco

      I’m sorry but this has totally shitted on Trisha’s coming out story this had the mystery and specific serious transitional medical procedures Trisha should be ashamed for trying to do the same

    44. Christopher Fiesco

      I was genuinely surprised I thought you were a insecure big girl that found her confidence through makeup showing all the girls up about beauty and now your a dude whattt I need to rearrange my visual aspects of life

    45. YNW jay

      Dylan has left the chat

    46. Sterre Doeven

      I never noticed you are so beautiful!

    47. Kermit Supreme

      Her : I'm trans gender Me: wth my ass thought she was a actually girl My friend: better watch out who u sleep with Me:😮

      1. Kermit Supreme

        @mellow_matcha then why is she lieing about coming out

      2. mellow_matcha

        She is an actual girl...

    48. s a t a n


    49. Rebecca Gockel

      I love you, and I respect your decision to share your story. Congratulations on knowing who you are. There are many people in this world who could learn from this.

    50. AeiS

      "Mum, I think we're gonna be okay" 😭😭🌈❤🌈❤

    51. Jessica Lee

      Shine on girl ❤

    52. June Dai

      Omg! who cares.We still 💕 you.

    53. JI.

      Like dress and make up=XX?? Genes are never change and it is not the thing that you can feel comfortable or weird. Genes are just genes. I don't care whether he likes make up and the things like that. And ofcourse XY can wear skirt or put a wig on there head. Those things are not due to the sex. If he felt wrong about his outfits that commonly worn by other boys, he should do the campaign or demo to change the world. Not a surgery and announced to everyone that I'm a girl.

      1. yung_clean_laundry

        @Edonis Humolli it's not an opinion it's a fact

      2. Edonis Humolli

        @yung_clean_laundry yeah and nobody cares about your opinion

      3. yung_clean_laundry

        @Edonis Humolli facts don't care about your feelings lol

      4. Edonis Humolli

        Wow i spot 2 transphopic people. Grow up its 2020 not 1850

      5. Liuboo Animates

        @yung_clean_laundry just like i tell to every single narrow minded transphobe in the comments,its impossible to change your SEX,its possible to change GENDER

    54. 13juniper

      ok but how is it possible to look so pretty in that shade of mustard?!

    55. Jessica Carnevale

      You're amazing, Nikkie! Very inspirational, always be your true self, gorgeous!!

    56. Jelena Alison

      i actually thought u were lesbian but then when u said wrong body i thought u wanted to become a man BUT DAMN never thought you were actually a boy

    57. Jelena Alison

      i thought you were lesbian 😂😂😂

    58. Just love

      Still a beautiful soul❤️

    59. Amanda Lee

      Fuck yeah Nikkie!! Not sure how I missed this video for a whole month but still love you 😘 always have always will don’t care if you were born a kangaroo 🦘

    60. Ivar Julin


      1. Edonis Humolli

        @Ivar Julin someone didnt go to school i see

      2. Ivar Julin

        Mela Binford WHat’S tRnaSGeNder¿

      3. Mela Binford

        ....there's a difference between being trnasgender and gay and neither one is an insult