How RICH Was Pablo Escobar?

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    We take a look at the insane wealth and lifestyle of one of the most notorious criminals of all time, Pablo Escobar.
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    How RICH Was Pablo Escobar?


    1. Mr TERROR

      Coke s good gives ya an pep😻👍 go coca cola

    2. Felisha Estrada

      Rip🙏 Pablo Escobar was a good rich man and very smart for those who killed him God knows why I'm not sure but it sounds like they made him look like he was a drug dealer because he made alot of money he wanted to do big things for Colombia and poor people he trusted alot of people that's what got him killed

    3. kpare23

      I don’t blame the lack of a stronger middle class on Escobar, I blame it on corporations.

    4. Lama Alshammari

      And he is so smart I bet no one ever actually killed him he sucided because he said it will be embarrassing if they caught me so he just died

      1. Lama Alshammari

        @nba plays cause he lost everything in my opinion and he was about to get caught but 8n time he killed himself

      2. nba plays

        @Lama Alshammari why would he kill himself

      3. Lama Alshammari

        @nba plays well you belive that he died of a gunshot I believe he killed himself

      4. nba plays

        @Lama Alshammari he got shot by the window of his hous

      5. nba plays

        @Lama Alshammari no they wouldn't do that fucking idiot

    5. Scott Smith

      People at my school say I look like pablo All the older people in yr 11 and that

    6. -Legend

      pablo escobar😓😓

    7. Bent Kennes

      Dont blame pablo

    8. ibbu 47

      Life style ayisee hona 🔥💸

    9. Mauricio Luevano

      He killed himself he told his kid if you ever kill your self shot in your right ear and the bolt hole was in his right ear cause he said he rather kill himself then get caught by the police

    10. Moon sugar Merchant

      He saving up to pay of a parking ticket

    11. RangeFinder

      Mom: What are you gonna be Me: *Narcos theme song* Ever heard of Pablo

    12. Alex Flores

      Wow now that’s one way to provoke the Colombian cartel!!

    13. Carlos Vega

      Lol...sorry that construction worker that you put there makes like 65 gs a year.

    14. Lil Fagmunch

      I like how they fuckin stand over his body like he’s a Lion or some shit

    15. fanikiwa tv

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    16. Whooka viral life. Viral kids


    17. D

      Alcohol destroys families. Weed makes potatoes warmers. Pharmacies are the biggest cartels. Sugar kills more people every year. If I ever become Colombias president I will make Coke legal. You people wont stop buying the coke. So whats the point of having my people killing each other. Everyone that buys coke are murderers!!! F**k you all!

      1. BoyOnCrack

        But everyone has had a bit of Coke once in a while

    18. Tanya Morrison

      Hi daddy! We are walking. Enjoy your house.

    19. Пабло Эскобар


    20. hannah villa

      I Idolize the late Pablo,not that because hes badass but because of hes managing skills

    21. Alan Mathew

      Kk so he supplies so much ton of shot to USA but what about the consumption which is done.. that's why he was able to produce more right ..

    22. J R


    23. Μιχαλης Επιφανης

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    24. Μιχαλης Επιφανης

      Wets gooldwilson Linus

    25. Μιχαλης Επιφανης

      Frebd spay

    26. Μιχαλης Επιφανης

      60miniturn Australien

    27. Μιχαλης Επιφανης

      US bay trums

    28. Chris Russell

      What a entrepreneurial he was. Providing a product that tens of millions of people wanted.

    29. Lincoln Oliveira


    30. Mist Rack

      I wanna be a Doug dealer

    31. Aymen Yasbah

      “Pablo was a poor guy with money”

      1. Gaz Murphin

        @nba plays now i got it lol

      2. nba plays

        @Gaz Murphin you don't get the comment

      3. Gaz Murphin

        Poor? Please make another joke while i still laughing my ass off

      4. •Viking Wolf•


    32. Jessica Arenas

      They act like people dont have free will its not Pablos fault americans love that shit

    33. Dog wag

      Don't blame Pablo for the middle classes problems. All that money lost benefits the bankers, and since most of it was usd, then the Americans bankers.

    34. Cristian Adrian

      Milionarul, face poze cu bani, ati innebunit cu capul, cine il face pe Miclea sexy ca pablo escobar?

    35. Unknown Truth

      Can I just have a million dollars

    36. Antione Wright

      The United States was mad that he was getting tax free money greedy fucking pigs that they are ball washing bastards

    37. Mr X

      A kilo is worth $70,000 on the streets?!! Dude you need to do better research than that, any estimates the government gives out is extremely exaggerated for propaganda purposes. If you did just a tiny amount of research online you would find that the real number is closer to $20,000. I actually spit out my coffee laughing when I heard this 😂😂😂

    38. Guera Gramajo

      Pablo Escobar me encanta

    39. william

      The American made movie

    40. Gavin Sloan

      Crime pays

    41. Rimvydas Zernys

      Imagine if Pablo was alive today...

    42. Genghis Khans PP

      This video makes me want to start a cartel.

    43. Poor Man’s ASMR

      Only drug lord better than Pablo is Miguel Felix

      1. Poor Man’s ASMR

        Amaze what are you talking about brother , that was at the beginning of his cocaine trafficking course , when he was a grown cocaine trafficker he’s a badass version of Pablo , Columbia just had two Cartels, Felix united all the cartels of Mexico and had a mind map which no one had ,he’s way above Pablo

      2. Love Yourself

        Miguel Félix wasn't Even close to Pablo, he shitted his pants when he knew pablo

    44. Tiger Blood

      Stop praising him that much. I don't want to become drug dealer.

    45. Robert Martinez

      I like Pablo wish I could’ve meet him

      1. El Chapo

        Robert Martinez you are 26 years to late

    46. Mrponcho

      If he was still alive he would of been the richest man alive

    47. Pieter Niemandt

      If you understand economics then you will know that the missing billions actually strengthened the U.S. dollar.

    48. sean mashumba

      30 billion dollars 😂 I can’t even make 1 mil on gta

    49. David Alejandro Morett Rospigliosi

      More efficient and quicker the method used by the ones that took the cartel down, they waited for the cartel to build it and then just killed them and stole the money, it probably took them 2 or 3 years to do it but they did it. P.D.: they have been doing the same shit over and over and over again...

    50. Zakaria Abdi

      God bless the NOTORIOUS🌷☝️

    51. Mateusz Golba

      Wait.. 15 tons are 15000kg 15000x70000=105000000

    52. Santeri Karjalainen

      What he did was fucking impressive, like building his own prison.

    53. ORLA

      The real question is why were there so many cocaine users ?

    54. ORLA

      The real question is why were there so many cocaine users ?

    55. MrJustliketht

      I will never blame Escobar for the worlds economy. I'm in finance, banks print money for fun.

    56. TioOrochi FF

      Algum br aqui 2020 ? Acho q não kk

    57. ABC 123

      You don’t pay tax on winnings in the UK.

    58. The Tabla King

      he was really smart though, making 30 billion in 16 years will never be achieved by anyone. Ever.

      1. Victor Clemente

        @The Tabla King 58 billion *and his own son laughed when they asked him if it was true because it was way more.

      2. The Tabla King

        @Miki Tolppala oh yh forgot about that lmao imagine just digging up next to his grave and finding millions

      3. Miki Tolppala

        @The Tabla King and theres still probably cash buried underground

      4. The Tabla King

        @ibby ibby nah hes only worth like 80 billion over his career and this guy just sold drugs

      5. ibby ibby

        Bill Gates did that and more

    59. Chapo GuzmaN FN

      Respect da legend g

    60. Isaac Rodriguez

      Is that Joey Bad$$’s “Front and center” beat in the background or am I tweaking?

    61. Sean Lee


    62. Séverin Official

      the last sentence though lol

    63. Carlos Lehder

      En Boca cerrada no entra moscas

    64. Csabi H

      Yeah he made 60 millions a day, everyone was afraid of him, money is fun. But what is the use of all that money if you can't go out in the park with your family.. What is the use of all that power if you are always on the run and get your friends and family members killed.. He had the money but he didn't have freedom. Money is important but you can't buy fullfillment or joy with it..

      1. Csabi H

        @Burhan Karimjee i didn't intend to mortify anyone. I just said an opinion. But still i consider people should be aware of someone's bad actions (killing thousands of honorable people just because he could) before glorifying them. Peace.

      2. Burhan Karimjee

        i came here for information regarding my school project not to be mortified with your digust.

    65. ricojes

      Diablo Escobar.

    66. Russell Angel Mcgill

      I wasn't born at that time but this vidéo show that he was very rich..

    67. 2 demons attached

      Imagine the world you live in, where the reality is that money literally has very little to no value to you. You can burn millions in your fire because you have no firewood, and it has no effect. It's just monopoly money.. These people who reach levels that high, probably stopped being motivated by money long ago, it's the buzz and the power they crave.. You couldn't even make me a trillionaire to be a drug trafficker. I have experience of being effected by drug addiction on both sides of the coin, being married to a substance abuser, and as one myself. Its not the actual use of the drug itself that causes the problems, its the lifestyle that causes the problems. Negativity is the order of the day, many addicts can't go it alone, which is why bullying and intimidation is so rampant. I couldn't truly sleep at night knowing the misery, chaos, pain and destruction caused. A lot of addiction is simple through poor mental health and self medicating..


      Pabs how's life this morning..... Having a snow cone

    69. MorisS_ 69

      He is a legend

    70. rjtheripper931

      Talk about more humane treatment of employees. <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="146">2:26</a>

    71. Jace Saldon

      legit explanation 🔥

    72. Fatimah Ibrahim

      What is the use if have such huge.amount but live in a dark n full sin...ways..the money he earned by make pupils dying.n murder itself ...see the way he died karma hits

    73. tilapiang mataba



      wonder where all that money is at this moment lol

    75. Landen Olshefski

      Trump doesn’t take the 400k he only takes $2 per year !! He gives the rest back to the people because he doesn’t need it

    76. JahsGameplayHDR


    77. Vampire Gaming


    78. Ilias Ktm

      Bik boss

    79. Mestari 0

      Pablo Escobar ja Kolumbia ovat molemmat mielikuvituksen tuotetta. Kumpaakaan ei ole koskaan ollutkaan. Vain Minä olen todellinen.

    80. Diegox71

      Free chapo