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  1. Rosmery Villavicencio

    Al cielo voy a llegar si gano 🥰🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 omg super exciting

  2. Gabrielle Feagin

    Hey you should review Jeffree Star’s racism next !!!!

  3. Melanie Frickstein

    Drinking game: take a shot everytime she says exotic

  4. Fabiola molina mendoza

    me encantaria que tus videos estuvieran subtitulados al español te adoro

  5. Hayley Arnold

    I love you, Nikkie! Your artistry is wonderful 💗

  6. Rashele Lashley

    Still a man.

  7. LionHeart1511

    Ummm...visually alone, I would never buy that pallet. The colours all look the same to me. Theirs no diversity.

  8. Gregorgus Geez

    Oh I am Gaga about those eyebrows!

  9. Hanna Ali

    Ngl I expected her to be trans (not because she looks like a “guy” she had a beautiful transition and I never thought of her being trans but when I saw this video I thought maybe trans) I knew she could not be gay because... she’s engaged (and I had a feeling they did not break up) love you Nikki and I’m so proud of you 💖💖

  10. Talita Figueiredo

    You're really too much talented!!! Thank you very much from BR!

  11. samra sohail

    When your skin is oily and you naturally look like this:

  12. Stan Delos Reyes

    Please review Bretman's colab with Wetnwild the Jungle Rock

  13. Estrella Cruz

    big surprise but the best video!! you are amazing for this and i think you're such an inspiration ✨

  14. Gino Lynch

    I support you God bless you and your love one's

  15. Mr. Bellview

    So Happy fo Jaclyn!!

  16. Marian Ludmila Gonzalez Zezlin

    I always felt like there was a secret in your heart. You are more awesome than i thought you were. I can feel your love vibe. Its empowering. Thank you for sharing this

  17. Tin Bernas

    Contact Nikkie directly on Phlanx's influencer directory!

  18. T A N J I R O

    megans hair color is perfect

  19. Cinthia Yareli

    The truth: you a man

    1. Gabe itches

      Shes a girl

  20. T A N J I R O

    gorgeous 💗💗💗

  21. Ashley Nicholas

    You are an absolutely beautiful and stunning person. It’s people like you that I hope my daughter looks up to in life. If there is one thing I have ever instilled in her it’s to be herself. Be you baby! You are Vrouw hear you roar!!!

  22. A HeART 2 Serve Billion Heirs

    Love the vibrant colors. 🌟💎🌟💎🌟❤️

  23. Christy Moha

    can you do a review/makeup look using the morphe 35I Icy Fantasy palette?

  24. Dead Girl

    I looovee Nikkie, but around 6:20 seconds, her eye reminded me of a tide pod😂😂💕💕

  25. RJ Vanguard

    Gorgeous Nikkie 😘❤️💜🧡🤟🏻👑

  26. MasterDomo

    Jekdjfks Nikki is so cute

  27. Edward Webber

    Regardless of how he identifies, his uplifting personality still comes through...

  28. Ty Griffin

    Think im leaning more toward ‘Bird In Paradise’♥️ I also cant help but notice how HAPPY you are since telling your story! I always thought youve been amazing and so inspiring to others and soo happy, but since youve told your story; its like a whole new happiness and i/we are soo proud of you!

  29. ROO624

    Nice video, man! 🏋🏼‍♂️

  30. The Bold And Bubbly

    “I don’t know what to do, I’m freaking out I don’t want to live anymore” that’s a mood

  31. Sofi Altamirano

    I love you so much, ur the best Nikkie

  32. J9islive

    I'm too distracted by her eyebrows

  33. Spoonie Love


  34. Spoonie Love


  35. Rachel Baldwin

    I could tell you were from the first time I laid eyes on you , but to me I was like oh it's a beautiful trans woman who is an amazing makeup artist .

  36. Nina C

    I'm getting it

  37. Kristen

    I cannot wait to be able to afford this palette!! I am so excited. It looks beautiful, and I love those 3 shades that you said all look the same... they seem different to me personally, and I can see me using those shades on a daily basis. I loved her first palette and I use it every single day. It’s my life saver. So I’m excited to have a second version that’s more vibrant!! And I love that red/pink eye. It’s like a deep sexy Valentine’s Day look!!

  38. Jaydalyn Orlando

    stop the hate

  39. Bonita Addison

    I don’t agree with it but I love you and your work. And you’re hilarious.

  40. Shurlanne Thomas

    I can not believe this but I still love you, you didn't even show signs I love you❤️💖💕

  41. Hayden B.

    the palette looks like a knockoff version of tati’s lmao


    respect. you are swag af no matter what you were born as. you are who you are man rock the fuck on

  43. BriBri McAvoy

    I hate it because i broke my arm on valentines day

  44. A. Murphy

    Imagine attacking someone for how they prefer to do makeup in 2020. 🙄

  45. Laura Gomes

    i wish could do her makeup in a video xxx

  46. Brissqueen Hernandez

    She really cute

  47. Lovlei Charlo

    I liked both eyes and I think the pallet would be a good idea for me

  48. Ava Tymon


  49. Elizabeth Meza

    Why does her eyebrows look black at the end ?

  50. nieooj gotoy

    "Lot of you don't care about fall out, although a lot of you cared when ABH did it" Burn 🔥🔥🔥😂❤

  51. DianaMunoz23

    i just uploaded my review also, and let me tell you me and nikkies thoughts be like twins and im tripping! i love you nikkie!

    1. DianaMunoz23

      nieooj gotoy girl! Yessss getting my hands on it ASAP!❤️

    2. nieooj gotoy

      please review jeffree stars blood lust pallete!!💜💜💜

  52. Roonie41

    Team pound the alarm!!!! Looks good Nikkie!!!

  53. Leny Crescencio

    That 6 min side is me every morning for work 🤣

  54. Lissette Cruz

    Great video:) I am not good at applying colors. thanks for doing this video.

  55. Deanne Ratzlaff

    Team Bird in Paradise!!

  56. Sarabi's Pride

    The palette i saw on the website looks different than yours... I liked the colors in yours



    1. Soul Resonance

      No body cares

  58. Marie-Eve Moreau-Rancourt

    Love both eyes!

  59. noname

    Still a boy.

  60. CubsfanNBR1 !!

    Yay good for you 🏳️‍🌈!!!

  61. Raghu Seetharaman

    Can you teach me how to fart inside myself and become pretty?

  62. Keng Tasaki888

    So beautiful bright color....if you marked center on palette...you would meet that they were coloured mixing from to be 4 groups and sibling on mixed to both vertical and horizontal added to 8 mixed groups from all colour to see that...

  63. Andrea Linda


  64. clarise jackson

    After the vault and the lipsticks how can anyone trust her or support her. Not me.

  65. Sara Bement

    I always knew nikkie was a dude long before the secret revealed

  66. Hanisha Mulchandani

    Did anyone else notice the TWO COLOUR BROWS? There’s a brown fading to a black? very distracting! 🤦🏻‍♀️

  67. Faye Korman

    245.00 primer? Just no

  68. Zane Maverick

    Where is here eye brows

  69. Jasmin

    Didn't he got punish by the police and state?

  70. Random Fellow

    Does anyone think she's attractive at all? I don't know which is worse, with or without makeup.

  71. Muffin Men YouTube

    please review jeffree stars blood lust pallete!!💜💜💜

  72. Rae Powell

    Team bird in paradise 😍🔥


    I believe your the stunning model 🙂❤️ also love all your videos

  74. Jen Freelance Makeup

    You have the best laugh 😂

  75. Amber Brignone

    I love both sides, you make it look so easy! I love your laugh!

  76. Jovynile Jr Hipos Honghong

    Love it so pretty 😍😍

  77. ChieFzY

    🤢 🤮 🤢 ur face

  78. Ashley Gremlin

    I’m sorry but I just can’t spend money on anything with her name on it. But I also can’t stand morphe palettes. Love their brushes though. It’s nice people wanna support her on her comeback, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

  79. Christinesmua

    Nikkie since you are the queen of full coverage can we get a vid of you telling us all of your all time fav full coverage foundations / concealers?

  80. Megan Make Me Up

    Am I the only one who thinks in the intro of her videos that shes gonna say “Haaaaaaappppy birthday everyone!” Just me?!? 😂

  81. Mai H

    this is a great idea, can you redo it again?

  82. Bree Freeman

    Both eyes are goorrrgeous but I'm LIVING for that red eye look. Give. Me. That. Vampyness. Lol!! It's unfortunate, I really want to give Jaclyn the benefit of the doubt. There was so much drama with her first pallet and the lipsticks but I'm hearing good things about this pallet and the highlighters. The pallet looks great and fun and the color story is cute. The highlighters look amazing. I just... I can't justify giving my money to someone who mocked her followers and didn't give her people a real explanation or apology... I'm not mad at her, I just can't force myself to pay money to a person who has acted this way. But I do hope her launches go well and that people love the new products. I hope she learns from everything in the past and progresses forward with more maturity if things do go wrong and need addressing. 🥰🥰🥰 Nothing but well wishes here.

  83. Deezya Monroe

    Team pound the alarm 😻


    Love you

  85. Bethany Barton

    Love Jaclyn hill, but I’m sick of Morphe, do I think the palette is pretty, yes I do. But do I think it’s different from all the other palettes Morphe has came out with, no.. absolutely not. I swear everything Morphe comes out looks the same. Morphe acts like they’re affordable, but every time they come out with something new, they jack the price up

  86. Torrio TheScorpio7

    That's Only Kuz They're Mostly Blonde, You're Still Hot Sis💕

  87. Stephanie Lynn

    While I'm not the biggest fan of Jaclyn, I had to have this palette and I was actually able to snag it right at launch time. I'm attributing that to the fact that so much drama has surrounded her and not as many people were buying it. I can't wait to play with it.

  88. Brooke Detillier

    team pound the alarm 😜

  89. Guadalupe Rios

    The right eye still looked one-dimensional

  90. Saauuccy Baby_

    Deff team pump the alarm 😍 also I bought the palette when it launched in just waiting for it to ship but omg I cant wait 😍😍

  91. Marigor Raylos

    love it..😍😍😍😍

  92. Blessel Grace Andales

    the “fall out” in the pan that everybody says is actually called “kick back” i just knew that tho lol

  93. C Co

    you're so classy

  94. Alejandra Jaramillo

    I know right Becky G sound like Dora

  95. Nina A

    Is Nikkie a man?

    1. ROO624

      @Soul Resonance Don't need to. Her height alone is intimidating.

    2. Soul Resonance

      ROO624 she don’t even show her whole body in the majority of her videos, you don’t know nothin🤦🏽‍♂️

    3. ROO624

      Yes. Bro is built like a linebacker and could easily kick our butts. 🏋🏼‍♂️

    4. Soul Resonance


    5. Cheetah Girl


  96. FindingFallenDreams

    I'm here for the bird. The bird is the word darlin

  97. Janel McCorrister

    How stained were your eyes? That my biggest concern with this palette

  98. macuisle9

    I love Drew! She looks just like my daughter who hates me. So I watch anything Drew is in and pretend it’s my successful, beautiful daughter who doesn’t hate me. Plus Nikki is so wonderful. Thank you this was fun.

  99. Erika Watkins

    The bird in paradise is gorj

  100. Mark Kalinowski

    Holy heavy on the brow. Too blonde and fair for that.......