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  1. Noah Porcayo


  2. Jonathan Magwood

    I have your number Lucas and Marcus and I will post it I’m getting revenge for breaking in my household

  3. Jonathan Magwood

    I saw her face

  4. always trinity

    He should have said I'm the best pranked because I pranked you guys into pranking others for money

  5. Chriselle Miranda

    I'm done

  6. Blanca Alvarez

    Oh my gosh I love your videos They are so cool Cyrus you are so cool being the older brother Marcus you are so funny dyrus you dress up good and Lucus your girlfriend is pretty

  7. Abigail Jolin


  8. Nathan Lopez

    I did all

  9. Ricardo Mata


  10. Abigail Jolin

    Only for Ariana grandma

  11. yousif vloger yousif vloger

    Nice game❤🇮🇶

  12. V I C C O R C H I N


  13. Dana Hassan


  14. James Benton

    Done I’ve been subscribed since my first phone in 2014

  15. Jonathan Magwood

    This is your mom

  16. zarah adjei yirenkyi


  17. Cambree Torres

    The yogurt to

  18. Alejandro Gomez

    I already subsribe like and turn all notifications...hopefully i win cuz i don't have a phone this is my brothers the way my name is itzel

  19. Little Anthony Plays with toys


  20. AloFashion

    Just take the stupid car Ivanita 😡

  21. zarah adjei yirenkyi


  22. N.M.G Queen

    What about Jamaica

  23. catrice harper

    this is so crazy I open a DP something in the car I don't know what is going on with this is so crazy and I just love dobre army so peace out because I'm just rolling with the video yeah so I just guess I'm going to watch it some more 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😂😅😅😂😂😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅😂🤣🤣

  24. Belle R

    Lucas: can you get out Ex: you just dropped me off in the middle of no where

  25. Orlane Coher

    En vrais même si c un prank j’aurais pas kiffer que ma meuf ou mon mec soit dans une chambre enfermer avec mon frère ou ma sœur et le pire c si c une fois sava mais presque dans tout les vidéo la meuf elle fait sa

  26. Denise Bonilla

    done im such a big fan i watch u guys every day

  27. Danny Roach


  28. viola onyenwe

    Why .

  29. Megan Scarfe


  30. wildscott


  31. Samantha Salina


  32. Francisco Ruiz

    Your brother is right never give up Marcus and Luces

  33. Ashley Emanuelsen

    I whont the phone

  34. Sara Sahn

    This how many people watch while read comments to see if it's rEaL

  35. Shawna Sowder

    Done ps love u

  36. Justyne Alexander


  37. Alex Im

    ㅓㅗㅠㅗㄹ어ㅕㅗㄹ윷챤ㄷㄹ혀ㅑㅐㅕㄹ도펴ㅛㅎㄱ3츄ㅑㅕㄷ챠ㅕㅠ 4려ㅛㅗ챠13ㅗㄱ퓨7ㅛㄹ고ㅓㅑㄱ3ㅠ쳐ㅗㅇㄴ쳐ㅗㅠㄷㄱ챠ㅗㅗㄴ야츄ㅗㄷ료ㅕㅠㅍㄷ류ㅕㅗㅍㅇ뎌ㅗㅠㅗㅕㅠㄹ펴ㅗㅠㅇㄴ처ㅠ여퓿여효ㅕㅗㅊ유ㅕ퓰여ㅗㅠ ㅊ오ㅕㅠㅕㅗㄹㅇ ㅠㅗㅕㄹㄱ ㅕㅗㅠ로폴됴ㅕㅠㅍㄹ뎌ㅗㅊ류ㅕㅗㅍ ㄹㄱ ㅠㅕㅗㄹㄱ ㅕ ㄱㄹ ㄹ ㅕ ㅗㄹ겨ㅗ ㄹㄱ 러 ㅍ어ㅜ ㅍ거ㅗ ㅍㄹ ㅓ ㅗ호 ㄹㄴ포ㅕ8ㄹ갸ㅕㅗ펴ㅑㄹ고ㅑ ㄹㄱ ㅅ갸ㅓ ㅕㅗㅎ ㅕㅗㅍ ㅕ ㅗ호ㅑ 퍼고 ㅕㅗㅎㄱ ㅕㅗㅍㄱ

  38. Hailey LeSueur

    Did we not see on Marcus phone that someone cursed

  39. Micah Evans

    That is so gross

  40. Mikayla Knight

    I think Cyrus got arrested first

  41. Jayanna Davidson


  42. Kelly Williams

    I phone entry

  43. DAVID Omokore

    Done I need a new phone because my phone isn’t working well

  44. Leiley Luther

    Hello my name is leiley some people call me bug I have a crush on Lucas

  45. Fernando Guzman

    Done I need it pls a lot of people bully me

  46. Lina arafeh

    ok you guys are so nice but I cant get this out of my head... Marcus: We love you a lot Steve, and like we love you a lot, and like honestly we love you a lot-W-

  47. Vidhi Sharma


  48. Rebekah Pappas

    I definitely think Darius won😂

  49. Naim Rodrigues

    done i never won any give away ive been subbed since 200k

  50. Drawing with lilly

    Yeah I totally didn’t see him turn around or I didn’t see through the towel

  51. Julia Bohler

    Done! ✅

  52. Kadie Crispin

    I’ve done it all

  53. Cambree Torres

    I liked the glue

  54. Robert

    Did they actually get arrested



  56. Kyilee Best

    is it a prank?

  57. william hilderbrand

    Done. Please give me the iPhone

  58. Piper Mauldin

    Ivan reminds me of Ariana grande off Sam and cat

  59. Samantha Rodriguez

    I think Darius is gonna win

  60. Cris


  61. Sharon Elwell

    Done ily

  62. cellophaneboy

    I’d die to have that Volvo

  63. Brandie Brock


  64. hi hello

    Name:Delia "DONE " "IPhone Entry" I really want to win because I dont have a phone and I can't call my mom also because I always get bully (every single day i always get bullied by the same or different person and i just stand up for myself and ignore them)about the type of phone i have because its cheap and my family doesn't have enough money to afford one for me and i really want a phone also because my birthday is comming and we wont celebrate because we cant afford it we will just have a cake and that's all but if i dont get it and another person gets it congrats for them and its okay im gonna be happy for them I love u guys so much i subscribed turned on the post notification and subscribed for every youtubers in ur family LOVE U GUYS been with u guys since the start always watching yall be safe God Bless u and ur family❤❤❤❤❤

  65. Brenda’s world

    I really want it because my mom has no phone 📱 and I really want to surprise her I am not facking anything

  66. Diondrie Maho

    Wat happens to them

  67. Perry Urquhart


  68. just an average dork

    That's not Arianna Grande and your so awkward Omg

  69. Mireya Alvarez


  70. kia allbright


  71. Wendy Buestan


  72. Keira Mckenna

    guys its marcus he wareing the described clothes

  73. Gabby’s Channel


  74. Turtle Pro109


  75. Wilsac125


  76. koca khalifa

    "Iphone entry " "Done" Why: because i never had a iphone before i cant aford them😔

  77. hi hello

    This is the best video ever it was to funny to watch luv u guys❤❤🤣😂❤

  78. ifsa bibi


  79. Meagan Ladnier

    I just downloaded dobre dunk it's the best game ever

  80. Dobre brothers Fan