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  1. Farhat Guend

    Hhhhh hhhhh hhhh benchikh dima yadir hadi saksi Mustapha hhhhh tizivou tizivou hhhh hhh allo allo kaci saaid. Maharz yael3ab la3b la walad seghar hhhh hhh

  2. ąŋïɱε lεɠεŋđş

    Mahrez The Best in Man City 💛✨

  3. Sananas Officielle

    محرز فنان مبدع بلماسته سحرية💪💪💪 محرز افضل🔥🔥🔥 لايك👇👇👇

  4. kadita 3side

    Send me the group telegram of mancity squad

  5. ولد الولد


  6. Pedro Sky

    Manchester City is nothing without Riad Mahrez sure of this

  7. MingYee Wong

    I don’t watch women’s football. But they are amazing sometimes.

  8. David Silva

    Thank you mancity for making Silva’s Video🙏👍👍

  9. كل شي عن الجزائر

    اوووو مايقااااااااااااااد 😍😍😂😂😂

  10. Achoik B

    محرز ضاقت بيه الدنيا ولا يلعب بالشوينڨوم 🌚 زيد رجعها لفمو الطفل فسد

  11. Doudi Dadi

    Hahahahaha Mahrez is Amazing

  12. Blue Heart

    Ellie Roebuck is a keeper. In fact all the City Women are.

  13. mokh volkan

    Guardiolla I don't understand Mahrez must be Play more times and always because you knew he is the key I can't believe. What do you do????

  14. ElectricPenguin

    Wtf is this

  15. Chris Wheeler

    To be fare a decade of goodness of him is great and I hope pep chooses wisely to choose a talent maybe dybala or someone like that

  16. ام مهيمن الأحمدي


  17. Torten

    it blows my mind how good Mahrez is, i think hes so underrated man, every game i see hes just amazing

  18. FernandoMoreno90

    Manchester City needs to stop depending on Aguero like Barcelona does with Messi

  19. Will Watson

    There’s only one Merlin and we had him all through his peak years. Lucky us!! CTID

  20. penniez

    David Silva, couldn't of asked for a better player, so good, so passionate, so Manc, he's a part of this club until the very end. My favourite player along side aguero. More life to the best man city midflieder 💙💙

  21. Moumouh Reda

    alger19 #adelsweezy

  22. akash narain


  23. Kika

    More of this, please 😂😂😂

  24. dz samir




  26. IkmatiK

    Mahrez KDB Aguero Sterling the big four of PL !!!

  27. Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks

    I was hoping this to be with the male team...

    1. Ryan


    2. Ronan2301

      That's why there's no players in the thumbnail 🤣

  28. Gali David


  29. lali lo

    Mahrez 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Crazy

  30. Philip Kavathekar

    Omg 1 second ago BLUE city BLUR 💙💙💙

  31. Cisco Cabs


  32. Langelihle Zibi

    Kevin de bryun will feed you !!!!!beautiful stuff!!!!

  33. sofiane sofiane

    viva Mahrez. 😂 26 ❤💪💪

  34. park roze

    im here for the one and only mahreeeez lizzzom💪🇩🇿

  35. park roze

    mahrez is the most collectif player in mc but i dont know all the placers are jealous however he is our capitan and we are so proud of him 👏🇩🇿

  36. Jeevs.s_115

    Magician, Leader, Legend. Love u El Mago 💙💙

  37. Bika Safo

    In man city... Mahreeeeeeeeeez KDB aguiro best players

  38. Bika Safo

    Harouuuuoooooz king the best of the best

  39. Alex Stewart

    He deserves nothing short of winning the Champions League this season

  40. Ella Phillips Phillips

    Like for SV2

  41. محمد عبد السلام

    يا خويا و يا خويا الشعب هنا راهم عايشين معشية ولا في الاحلام

  42. Muhammad Herdanto

    Amazing guy

  43. Ranya Aridj

    يبالي لمحرز راه محسن هاذيك التحفيفة00😏😏😜😀😀😂 5:10 دقيقة

  44. 01Azul Sincero01

    *Manchester City* 💙🙏

  45. 01Azul Sincero01

    *Manchester City* 💙🙏

  46. Samy debbouz

    kdb 💙 Mahrez 💙 Aguero 💙 Laporte 💙

  47. Ari kurniawan

    We love you David Silva 💙

  48. Abu Bardewa

    This compilation is not doing him justice, he was here to save us before de bruyne.

  49. Abu Bardewa

    DAmn.... El Mago

  50. waeltab

    Mahrez the best

  51. انيس المتمرد

    محرز 👑MAHREZ

  52. ould meziane chawki

    Mehrez, really, player Mary I couldn't believe what he did today

  53. Dheesh Sutariya

    Legend.worldclass.numero uno.underrated.

  54. আবু সাহাল

    he has the same quality like inesta,xavi,pirlo,,but always remains underrated because plays for city

  55. Vinsmoke smoker

    He is the reason y I became a citizen.

  56. ערן עקיבא


  57. oscar

    22:23 Cissé XD...

  58. Sofian vlog


  59. itsjozez

    Who’s here after 250?

  60. Tomatelli

    El Mago

  61. Souha Madrid

    لي دخل هنا علا جال رياض محرز يخبط جااام ⁦🇩🇿⁩⁦❤️⁩👍✋

  62. Paul Duffy

    The only time gabby has went past 6 people is when he jumped the queue in tescos

  63. Man Gentleman

    Mahrz the best chewing gum players

  64. Rizka Radhi

    We love you EL MAGO 💙😘 #LEGEND

  65. ada M

    شفتو سترلينغ كفاه يجري

  66. best skills

    خسارة كبيرة الكرفة هدا يروح لوكان يزيد يدي اغويرو وفودن وديبروين يدير مزية والله مننساوهالو.....لهاد الكرفة...الحساد....

  67. Sicelosenkosi Tshuma

    I wish if City was going to win the champions league . That's the only 🏆 he is missing . He won world Cup 😂😂😍

  68. Youssef Youyou

    Mahrez is a baller

  69. Muhammad Nasereldin


  70. Zaki Derkaoui

    رياض محرز ⁦🇩🇿⁩ فخر العرب

  71. TheRuler Max

    4:22 Mahrez making fun of Sterling's miss against Sheffield

  72. Aryan Patil

    We all know he hasn't been at his best... but one day he will be one hell of a defender.. especially with laporte

  73. Red oiane

    أحسن صانع ألعاب في التاريخ بعد إينيستا

  74. thanglenmang khongsai

    Hope the season ends on a good note for a legend like David deserves a fitting ending to such an illustrious career💙

  75. Henry Boyd

    Is City TV the only place to watch this? if so for how long?

  76. Zakston

    Mahrez and Sterling seems really working like a pair !

  77. Akram Amine

    سترلينغ كي يجري تقول حصرو خرا

  78. Hà Cao

    Kelvin be bryne

  79. talal omrani

    Mahrez is one of best players in the World

  80. zaki madrid

    Riyad mahrezz 😍

  81. 솔다

    I will always remember your contribution to City, Silva. LOVE XXXXXX from Korea

  82. Teezy

    Nobody: Pepe:hello hello 🤣🤣

  83. Akbar Mbojo

    The magical of football... I love him forever

  84. BroPresko 69

    I live in Gran Canaria, and I am a Man City fan

  85. زياد الحربي٩٧٧

    I mind will

  86. زياد الحربي٩٧٧

    the legend wel go💙💙

  87. johnkaiser kipletting

    One of the best midfielder in too football

  88. 吉野北人


  89. shafi puthalath

    Its painfull leave man city..i never love a sportsman than him...i always follow u wherever u from india

  90. bruno dennis

    He was alegend

  91. Zamirio Photography

    But the happy isn't presence 16pts now

  92. Killian Mcfc

    Is it by city or summit else

  93. Killian Mcfc

    This going to be good


    Eres un crack amigo con tus documentales saludos desde Medellín Colombia

  95. walid frezy


  96. Pyro

    David will surely be missed. A true City legend.

  97. Footballer Joe

    Man City is the best Football team in the world 💙💙💙 And so is David Silva💙💙👍

  98. un homme libre

    واش زعما منعرفش الإنجليزي مانعلقش... ياو حنا لوكان مانركبوش نتعلقو...في خاطر رياض 👍

  99. Ley Lã

    #الساحر محرز يخطيكم يديكم الواد ، ربي يحفظه من كل سوء ويبعد عليه الحساد

  100. Absd Absd

    حتى العلكة لم تسلم من مداعبة حروووز