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  1. buster colin

    The P40 Pro is like the phone that never sleeps

  2. student claim


  3. Benny Koay

    Huawei has great technology, but I do not want to buy from them because it does have my GOOGLE. :D

  4. Salman Kabir

    Where the place is it ??

  5. Sadev Hewagama

    Brother can I have a phone from u pls🙄😑🙏

  6. Gamecétera Brasil


  7. Юрий Н.

    11PM🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 P40🌟🌟🌟🌟 S20U🌟🌟🌟

  8. Murray jane


  9. Susovon Sardar

    Huawei P40 pro 5g Wow 😍😍😍😍 Most powerful Camera

  10. Consumidores del Arte

    Where is Lg v60? I never see it in these comparisons & really has potential

  11. Unicake

    I'm pretty sure they did the haircut thing soo many times cause iPhone sold so many phones with the same notch and won't change it all the way to the 11 pro and maybe the upcoming 12 by the looks of it something another company put into a hole punch btw soo meaning face id could be in a whole punch but iPhone sticks with notches

  12. Revanth Mandava

    Bro please do review on Google stadia..🤩

  13. Learning Earning

    P40 🖤

  14. Don Espoleto

    Huawei did best on night capture. Iphone on daylight capture. But hey, who gonna take pics at night? Iohone for the win!

  15. Xoá TV

    Quá ok

  16. Mohd. Haider Khalid

    Huawei P series have like problem with back cameras if u put the Huawei mate series im sure it will be better

  17. AAREN M.S

    3.66 m now congrats 🎉🎊🎊🎊

  18. Corinn Nevermore

    Shit, I feel like I’m in the minority with my Apple Music using àss 😅

  19. 1 2 3 Four Five

    The forbidden fruit for Americans.

  20. Patrick ODuinn

    I went to Samsung s20 this year, should have done it years ago. I’ve had every iPhone up to the 10. Nothing bar the name really felt “new”, the Samsung was a breath of fresh air, better user experience, better battery, better quality of camera, charges faster. It will take a lot to get me back to Apple.

  21. usman ahmed


  22. Yuri Rodrigues

    P40pro the best câmera ♥️

  23. Shlok Shah

    Which iPhone was the first to have Siri did Siri change over time

  24. Harvey Lozada


  25. Alpha- Fury

    I loved the video Arun

  26. Shawty Duwop

    How did you get your start in what you are doing now? I want to do this

  27. Arsh Pasricha

    i think s20 plus won

  28. CROalfa PROgram

    after watching first 40 seconds of video i must say i disagrees. Samsung A10 buying many companies to give it to workers, i also get it from my company, so i think that people dont buy it so much, its more popular to companies and thats why this phones sells a lot...

  29. Anna Kincaid

    Could you also do these tests with the S20+? since it's sensor is made by Sony vs the ultra which is by Samsung....

  30. Evens Baptiste

    The phones with the notches had the best battery life....... they put something in those notches man

  31. Leon Mcgrath

    What about the s5 mini ?

  32. 培博君


  33. Rakesh Ray


  34. wilberto paito

    p40.. daytime are too overxposed.but when it comes to night time, dude thatsxso amazing

  35. Tim Lama

    sub to pewdiepie

  36. Paul Hord

    i love my note 10 plus but the size of the note 10 feels much better and is much easier to use especially with one hand.

  37. Jessie James Sambilad

    Amd radeon graphics in exynos tho im waiting

  38. Atorb Tech

    your channel is much better than MKBHD

  39. Anees Gondal

    S20 ultra still a boss

  40. Keoh

    Subscribing to anyone who subs to me like when finished checking all

  41. Md Leon

    I love huawei p30 pro,,, ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  42. Sunny Shah

    Who uses skype in 2020 first answer me that? It is impressive to see skype alive!!

  43. laskin riubn

    11:39 he was looking at Pornhub memes 😂 Me too, bro. Me too.

  44. Sunny Shah

    Mrwhoistheboss seemed too impressed and happy while talking to MKBHD!!

  45. Emperor Kal El

    Me! This is the future of gaming my dude..

  46. lilmoris1

    I'll save ya'll unnecessary 5 minutes of high artistic shots of a phone. It's the Galaxy S9 plus, that's it.

  47. JerKKeR

    Samsung S20 ultra has biggest battery and loses to it's usually heavier brother the Note 10... I wonder if it's because the battery just sucks or because the Exynos chip ruins the phone and the snapdragon would have fared better?

  48. DerpPersons

    I rlly want to grow so guys can yall help me? If so thanks I would subscribe back with 2 of my channels!

  49. Ndinah Amwaama

    Next thing you see is a smart fork that can be controlled by your phone💀

  50. Michael Lefebvre

    Who cares chum


    120 hz vai descarregar rápido msm coloca 90hz igual do pixel

  52. duarte castro

    I dont understand this "smartphone camera" trend, i mean if u really need pro pics just buy a DSLR, if i had the option of buying a top smartphone with a regular camera I would, for pro pictures i just use a DSLR

  53. ÆÜÆ Is my language

    I still have a 6S

  54. Johhny

    Let's wait for not sponsored review :))))

  55. Joey Murdoch

    Aaron i dunked my Samsung s10+ under a sink of water I never had any problems and my old Huawei p20 pro many times under water and in a river too and it worked fine haha your my new go to guy to watch these kinds of videos I think its becoming a bit of a habit every single day ha your videos are good mate, good job!

  56. Rangga IRC

    Screennn sama seperti samsung

  57. adam withers

    i feel like samsung dex has alot of potential but its been sandbagged and overlooked

  58. Aaron it Roblox

    Rich people: I’ll buy all

  59. Sunny Shah

    Why do they even make same phones with different chipsets???

  60. Johnangel Zabaleta

    Amazing ! Thanks

  61. Suresh DH

    7:08 yeah the earth stopped rotating, now there are two sons on both the sides of earth.

  62. Ngale Hubert

    I am a fan of your reviews. Really love the way you deliver your reviews

  63. pιnĸypeacн

    Love your accent 😍

  64. ARYE KHO vlogger me pls😍😘😍

  65. Dog

    I'm impressed by the p40 pro, but don't you wanna take night pictures sometime?

  66. dombavko7777

    I had G5 and it was one of best phones I ever had Widest camera ever and that possiblity to change battery was life saver cos I had 3 battery and on every trip I never need charger cos I just swap batteries and that is it again on 100% and it was one of first phones with USB C

  67. Collet Campbell

    can you guy help me get more SUBSCRIBE please

  68. coolio hairstyle

    I'm sorry but the whole Motorola brand is a mistake

  69. Thecheckmate777

    Elons developing Nueralink

  70. Ezra Boren

    So imagine you're using fraksl right But plot twist you're on lsd

  71. Joe Perez

    If my phone didn't have the snapdragon version I would feel like I have a clone.

  72. Luca Troiani

    Where is it filmed?? Is it the Nottingham's university?

  73. Rija Gajali

    still waiting for Huawei P40 Pro Plus 😁

  74. onecheek wonder

    Hmmm iam sure I have seen earphones that we're similar to the one came with p40. 😉🤔

  75. Eddy Wong

    2:54 loch ness monster truth revealed. thanks to the smartphone cameras.

  76. Flyboi Clarkston

    Ummm they're wondering why someone is recording you. Recording them... just maybe


    I've got nice content... Check out on my page....


    P40 captures real life. iPhone captures real life for delusional people

  79. Vrmvndo Delgvdo


  80. Carl joie

    hit me up and i hit you back

  81. Janirus Paul

    No headphone jack?😧😧😧

    1. laskin riubn

      11:39 Porn hub :- Are you Italian 🤣🤣 (Insta scrolls)

  82. Mesut Arta Matematik Öğretmeni

    Can you subscribe to our channel during this quarantine process? I'll subscribe to your channel.

  83. Muhammad Khoirul Anam

    You forget to mention google glass.


    Yeah exynos sucks man. They are going to stop producing them. Thank god.

  85. Pine Woods

    Watching this vlog when there's Corona outbreak.... Coincidence

  86. A S

    11 pro max team?👍

  87. Zhaireanne Faith

    Anyone want to sub 2sub. I am always online

  88. Alex Trance

    P40 mandou abraços

  89. farhan zahir

    Still my 12 mp is better

  90. Shane Thomas

    1 mistake.'s not a "drive" at all. #thumbsup

  91. JZ VR

    P40 Pro definitely won, best phone out now, excellent cameras all across the board not just the main camera combined with unrivalled night+zoom performance.

  92. linus fat tips

    Short answer = no

  93. That Style Glow

    I’m subscribing to everyone who subs to me! I’m a permanent subscriber! Let’s grow together😊

  94. Eribetra

    "But before we unbox it, let me give you a bit of context" *90% of the video is him explaining about phones with curved screens*

  95. Shaun Cuthbert

    Hi there. Really enjoy watching your videos. I was just wondering if you could do one like this but on a certain tablet, the lenovo tab 3 essential that is really laggy,system UI always doesn't respond and non-responsive display. Reason I would like a video done on this is because when I brought back the tab to lenovo's service centre, they did not honour their warranty and the only way they could offer to settle the issue was to give me a discount the next time I bought a tablet from them. Believe it or not but this is happening in Singapore. People out there need to know about what's going on.... I am reachable at [email protected] if you need more details. Thanks

  96. North Star

    I want to meet those 16 people who bought Energizer phone 🤣

  97. Danijel Zelenika

    Respect !!

  98. Pudding 8414

    All I see is the iPhone winning hands down with less spec on paper but paper means nothing when apple have tweaked their software so well that it’s unbeatable. Oh and their phones are built to last. Samsung snd huawei I’ve had and friends have had. Drop either on carpet and they shatter into pieces.

  99. Ursu lea

    Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iphone 11 pro max also have night mode .... another youtuber focuse on spending 10 min with nonsens

  100. Milica Kocić

    I love how se says letters t and d