UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. 4dbzking

    I'm Proud of the Titans

  2. Rob D

    People don't understand, the fix is already in. Packers vs Chiefs was the first Super Bowl. It's the 100th anniversary, just saying...

  3. Edwin Brown

    Skip stun me with his drip.

  4. Emerson B

    I got titans too

  5. KBR Sports

    The Titans are the antithesis of what the Chiefs like to do. They dominate time of possession once they go up on the scoreboard and their defense is so physical that it's tough to make comebacks against them. The Chiefs are the team that could but it's not easy. This is in the situation if the Chiefs fell behind.

  6. Seth Marie

    Sharp, is right on this one. The Chiefs have to many weapons and a solid defence. Tbh, thinking skip just wanna be different agaist the grain. Mahomeboy, should a good game.

  7. Colton Beebe

    LMAOOOOO only Skip

  8. Terry Bogard

    The Titans have not been to the Super Bowl since Mike Jones Stop Mcnair a yard short from getting a Touchdown also Jacksonvile should had been in that Super Bowl because The Titans stole there playbook

  9. dolimi jotoo

    just retire skip lol

  10. Jeffrey Sharpe

    27-24 tt

  11. mrgetitdone85

    It’s Henry and that titans defense who’s getting overlooked

  12. Matiix

    I hate how everybody compares Luka to Bird and he is not even close to his style.. Noone wanna compare him to some black superstar specially this black comentators and ex stars, specially coz he is Europian whiteboy.Well guess what, he is dominating your fkin league as teenager and he will do it for next 15 years where he will break EVERY possible record in da game and i cant wait for the day when u will have no choice but to call him GREATEST OF ALL TIME! mark my words

    1. dolimi jotoo

      Never heard anyone calling James Harden non athletic... but Luka is clearly more athletic than James imho

  13. Floyd Money Mayweather 50-0 GOAT

    Zion about to take flight in 5 days. ✈️

  14. FoshoGotFlow

    Shannon ain’t tryna see his HomeBoy at club Shay Shay Sunday night? 👀..

  15. Santino

    Titans win with run game. Chiefs (should) win, but so we're the Titans two previous opponents. Give me the upset.

  16. substring zero

    Wrong Ski[p. NFL is all about TV rating. Chiefs vs 49ers is the Super Bowl matchup America want to watch. TV rating is King.

  17. Austin Bevin

    skip lying

  18. ronny lopez

    Man! Chiefs and Ravens would of been an epic game!! Oh well. Maybe next year.

  19. peter macura

    Just a heads up Skip also said Dak Prescott was a MVP QB this season with a Cowboys team that were going to the Super Bowl, he also said that Lebron was washed up, he also said Aaron Rodgers is washed up, I don’t believe anything Skip says anymore so if he thinks the Titans are winning then I know the Chiefs will actually win.

  20. GAVYN

    KC rushing defense is 26th. It's over Mahomes, we have Derrick Henry

  21. Off Da Percs

    As long as the miners lose idc what happens

  22. Tim Grinstead

    I got the Titans upsetting the red hot chiefs. 24-21. This isn’t Houston’s defense they actually have playmakers in the secondary. Andy Reid is eventually gonna get there but this Tennessee team dominated the number 1 team in football.

  23. Lord Beasley

    Please Lord, don't let the titans in the super bowl. The super bowl will be a disaster if the titans win on sunday

    1. Mak 420zm

      A disaster... How???

  24. Steven Dobson

    Skip like most whites do not want a great black qb in the super bowl

    1. Monahan

      There’s something wrong with you

  25. The Future Is Here

    If I'm Mike Vrabel, I bring the entire team in to watch "Remember The Titans" on Saturday night at 8PM

  26. ronny lopez

    I finally agree with skip. They'll control the clock. Henry will eat.

    1. ronny lopez

      @500 Pieces poor defense.

    2. 500 Pieces

      21 points in 3 mins

  27. Douglas Walker

    I’m a packers fan but I want the chiefs to win, cause if Green Bay wins then it would be a State Farm super bowl and Aaron Rodgers vs a basically prime version of himself

  28. Uncle Shannon

    Chiefs about to get exposed regardless this game or in the super bowl

    1. Rajae Jones

      Uncle Shannon he put 31 the defense let them down they have a defense it’s over for the titans

    2. Uncle Shannon

      Rajae Jones didn’t pat start last year? I believe he lost

  29. raymickey

    My titans arr going to the superbowl 💪🏽😎

  30. Andrew Kola


  31. Rajae Jones

    Chiefs got too many weapons can’t double all of them 😂😂😂😂

  32. James Archie

    Reggie up there looking like Q from Street fighter 3.

  33. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Will the Titans advance to Super Bowl LIV?

  34. Nelson Pineda

    Sorry Skip this Luca is a real thing, is a truth threat to MVP this year, you will see how this season he will lead the west in the All star game. Luca is not only analyzed for her statistics, which are undoubtedly spectacular regardless of the negative that you want to highlight, but I think that for a second year boy they are comparable to any other super star in their second season, I think you can help me To confirm this if you are so kind please. It is very refreshing to see with the joy that he plays, and I hope the league protects him so that he does not receive much dirty play to prolong his career as much as Lebron, Luca has his humble personality and labor in the field that causes the vast majority to see his matches worldwide for those things that luka does very well. PD: sorry for my poor english Regards.


    Man, this guy is bored, ray allen is the carrer of lebron for him, sucks

  36. Terra Prime

    His nickname should be 26 Miles.

  37. robert anderson

    LeBron biggest problem he played with too many teams so if he don't win here where he going they already no the team he got know want win this year

  38. Megan L

    Miles is a class act for sure, glad to have him on my team!

  39. robert anderson

    Shannon really hates MJ

  40. Makeyzzz

    I can't believe that Shannon Sharpe is a real person. Who talks like that?

  41. Reginald Lewis

    Mahome boy lmfaoooo

  42. xWHEETO123x

    "hE's NoT sPeCiAl" - Skip Bayless 2020

  43. Andy Green

    Love Jordan, but here are his missed dunks. One early that he got spooked by Kareem. arsels.info/video/fydyw/dKqDnYWHeJnVuJo.html

  44. Bobby Bessette

    "It dosnt matter why" lmaooo what a clown sharpe is 😄

  45. chris aisu

    Bro needs to work on his body language, show some confidence your a whole nfl player , fk all that super humble nonsense

  46. Breezy Danny

    skip b like hummm

  47. Albie Oval

    49ers defense is going to keep Rodgers to under 20 points. Lucky for Rodgers, the only time he was kept to under 20 points in the playoffs he came out victorious and with a spot in the superbowl.

  48. Randy Randy

    Bayless is clueless, and doesn't even think about what he says. In the 4th quarter, "BEAT HIM UP". First, that means they are fouling and breaking the rules, because they can't otherwise stop him, and secondly, such tactics SHOULD get you thrown out and fined and suspended. So Skip, in the fourth, when teams CHEAT, and literally assault Luka, it's Luka's fault that he can't play Superman and act like nothing's being done to him, and it shouldn't affect his game? You truly are an idiot, Skip. I remember your schlick here in Dallas. Shock for shock's sake, no matter how STUPID it sounds. And some people eat that up. Sad.

    1. Randy Randy

      Actually, he knows EXACTLY what he's saying... But it sounds like he's clueless. He makes a living beiing the "anti" guy.

  49. Isaiah Richardson

    Jennys face says it all

  50. Ahsan Asaad

    Skip is an idiot.

  51. saudi chris

    In deed tunechi

  52. Rosswin Villaluz

    Skip always showing numbers but when its against his argument he ignores those numbers and pretends to not hear em

  53. Luan Costa

    skip bayless should love lebron cause hes the only reason he makes millions with this show. His analisys are so poor and dumb that he has to do these crazy hate sessions on lebron to get famous

  54. Adam Kowal

    Skip’s still salty for that spanking he got from Cuban.

  55. Eric Maldonado

    Luka Doncic in his second year is playing bette than Larry in his best year

  56. PatrickNicholsMusic

    “you dont get an A for losing.” This is the dude who thinks Lebron going to 9 finals and winning 3 of them is the reason he’s the goat. Come on man

  57. Chris Casafranca

    What about free throw discrepancy against Magic and Clippers. Refs did a good job

  58. Runnin' Wild with Milwaukee Buck!

    Shannon decapitated Skip on this one 🤦‍♂️

  59. Jerry Williams

    Skip has lost his mind!! Wait maybe that's not much of a lost. But seriously he has something, as a huge Luka fan he seriously needs to work on his 4th quarter...he play hero ball jacking up crazy threes every chance he thinks it will be a highlight. He has the confidence but needs to continue to grow and he will.

  60. CUBAthaGOAT

    I give up on this dude trying to hate and instead trolls.

  61. Johnny Allen

    Josh Jacobs is getting it

  62. Kdavon36


  63. Johnny Allen

    Skip is dumb asf 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  64. Gerry Stevens

    Gaybron Flames.😂 N.O.N.G.O.A.T...

  65. Belmont Alucard

    Luka Doncic is like Michael Jordan hangtime...Harden , Bird , Magic Johnson , having fun on the court. He is rare

  66. 2onetwizzle

    Prince James gotta set the tone of the game.. Early!!!!.. Watch How King Antetokounmpo started off last night...😎

  67. shunda goodloe

    Preach skip preach!!!!!!!!

  68. FlipBoyLarry

    Shannon: HOW?!?! 😂😂😂 9:42

  69. Kaliko Khronic

    If lebron does well in the 4th qtr he’s stat padding if he does bad he’s not clutch. Good job skip

  70. Alex Cifuentes

    All I know is AARON “HOUDINI” RODGERS is going to win this game and I’m going to cry and thank the lord above to once again see the The Magician back on top!!! LETS GO PACK!!

  71. B B

    Luka is a beast. Kid had every facet of the game down. But we all know the playoffs are a different monster. Lets hold our judgements until we see him perform when the defense is more intense, when players play up to 3x harder than usual. But no denying his talent and ability though. We should give him credit. e

  72. Keddy2slickk !

    It’s funny cause they actually had 37 wins😂

  73. KobeDropped_81

    Kobe top 5

  74. goobe72

    Lestatpad made sure he got his numbers lol once fourth came he cashed out lol

  75. krilizek

    Best record in the league, and skip still trolling.

  76. Kaliko Khronic

    Meanwhile Utah has won 10 games in a row

  77. Diestro Terrero

    What a joke MJ best every single team

  78. S T

    Titans don't have enough talent to win

  79. BBoy Hannibal

    He’s not Bird. Not even close. Bird took the 20 win Celtics to a 60 win team in his rookie season.

  80. Sam W

    Maybe Porzingis should be the closer because you know at the very least he’s going to get a good look with his length

  81. Yeshurun Yeshrael

    They're always talking about the same sh*t every damn day. It's getting old. A shame that ARselsrs are giving better stats and commentaries.

  82. Mario Ulises

    Kelce who?

  83. Casey Hodgson

    Can't wait for 2022 when these guys are still talking like this, but skip might be right.

  84. Travis Stoudt

    After what happened the first game????? The Niners will win no doubt

  85. Freeman McCullough

    Is this really news?

  86. Fan Made Videos

    I'll be honest and state that I'd love to see the Chiefs represent the AFC against either the Packers or 9ers BUT Tennessee definitely has a shot at poking holes thru KC's D with and stopping Mahomes long enough to keep the score low. You also can't discount Kelce possibly aggravating his still-healing injuries

  87. Kenzo Rome

    Skip knows his team and every other team is in trouble with Miles for the next 10 years FLY EAGLES FLY

  88. pete's autos

    I heard he did it on a bruised rib too

  89. William Thompson

    It’s not Tyreek’s fault that the Chiefs defense didn’t play well in every loss referenced. He said their receiving core can’t be guarded and that is correct. That doesn’t mean they win every game.

  90. The First Witness

    Joe Burrow: all-time all-time great.

  91. Brandon Watts

    If that was lane or BG they would have clowned scandrick

  92. lucas motsiff

    Wow Shannon really putting this guy on the spot even after telling him it’s his first time doing this lmaooo

  93. Ultimate Roryor

    They had a segment on who beat the Cavs worse. Skip so petty, and we peep the bandwagon jumping.

  94. Shawn M.

    You heard Jenny at the end say, he brought his mom a car. What about daddy. They never say, I brought my dad a boat or a fishing rod, nothing. Dad's get so overlooked. Definitely not knocking mom, but someone show out for pops!!! Just once.

  95. J Bond

    They need to run this segment back! This did not age well at all. Whats he doing without 3 all stars??????

  96. TitaniumWall

    Never heard anyone calling James Harden non athletic... but Luka is clearly more athletic than James imho

  97. Marco Batista

    This guy cannot understand that Luka is not Bird. Is just his style of play.

  98. Jake Tumath

    Logan Paul is a piece of trash. I hate him and he shouldn't be allowed to do ARsels for what he did. I don't like brown either. But I hope Antonio beats his you know what

  99. chance2413

    That's my RB :)