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  1. Diego Surprenant

    Like for anither one

  2. Hiraeth

    Ubisoft hurt itself in its confusion

  3. Nick Shade gaming

    New oryx elite looks amazing

  4. manbrotheking

    Anyone please tell me what tittle of this song?

  5. ツFlame

    Please add Range Rovers and rolls royces in the next update would be really appreciated

  6. milkn’ hxney

    I physically groan whenever I get this map on ranked, but it’s fun to play Kali on.

  7. Matthew gigs

    So are these a limeted time thing or are they available from now on

  8. Evan Fitzsimmons

    These should be missions, I think that would make a great addition

  9. LuutSs Bc

    Hey Ubisoft and/or Massive. My friends and i are fans since The Division 1 beta. We paid the 100€£$ for The Division 2. You brought out an expansion with all kinds off new things which is really cool but still broken Not that it matters to us, because we’re not buying it yet. We wait until the dlc/expansion is really cheap. Because we’re not going to pay another 30€£$ on top of the 100€£$ Because in our eyes we pay an extra 30€£€ only to fight the guy that started all the misery in this franchise Aka the End Boss. We pay 30€£$ to fight the End Boss. He should be in the basic game without the year 1 or 2 pass. (Better yet that whole expansion should be the Normal end/end game of The Division 1.) We would’ve happily paid the 30€£$ for the new level system,league stuff and manhunts thing,new exotics, even without an expansion, just for those things. But because we have to pay it to kill the end boss, we won’t. I don’t care what anyone says. You really gave us an unfinished game to play and you want us to pay more so we can see the end of it

  10. Richard Moore

    Has anyone played the Transcendence mission yet? Bought the year 1 pass but it's not showing up...

  11. Itx GaminG

    numerous objectives site? lmfao bro there are literally 3 objectives in the game..

  12. Rhys. ttv

    This game will just be lesion and ying coughing

  13. Ranbow

    4 floors of a complete joke.

  14. דניאל לנדסברג

    This game of rainbow six has actually getting me scared

  15. Mochii

    Mira is a godamn Snacc

  16. Joshua Human

    They should do this with map reworks, instead of maps that have been out for years

  17. BobTheCactus

    I wonder what kind of bullets they are using any ideas?

  18. Sam Fhisher

    Me: Hmmm.... Just a episode? Time to visit UBISOFT Montreuil Third Echilon: Nope its in lockdown. Me: Perfect I have my Balaclava.

  19. Монтик

    Hello, please tell me when will the next event (I mean the mode)

  20. Cory

    Please tell me this is returning this April 1st

  21. Mahfuz Rahman

    Ubisoft I really deal embarrassed to say this, I really do but I have had so much trouble lately with your rainbow six siege game, again my apologies but it has to be said as I have broken way to many bones because of this problem. There is currently a major problem with your game, don’t get me wrong because I am addicted to it however there is a problem where your game says “leavings squad” and then restarts the server. This became an issue for me as I was trying to play ranked but this issue came up and kicked me right before my first round. Therefore I tried to rejoin the game but in the map loading screen it kicked me out without working. Tho made me RAGE a lot. I really hoped I could keep it in but I can’t and the result of the RAGE caused me to break my bone connecting to my wrist and knuckle. I want to say this is a first but I have fractured my elbow bone as well not much time before he incident. This wasn’t the worse part yet, once I was kicked again... and was on a rampage I tried to join back to the renamed match seconds after the option was available. But I couldn’t as the “leaving squad” action/bug changed my servers which made it impossible to join back as I had no idea how to change the server back unless I put my PS4 off for a couple hours. Yet this is what I did and got banned... This happened to me for about 2 weeks, and as painful as it is I may decide to take a break from rainbow as this issue really will kill me if I continue to get upset and use physical violence to lessen my frustration. I am begging you Ubisoft please fix this and I have severely been banned, day after day not able to play. Obviously the ban occurrence isn’t as long as a day sometimes bu even if I still get banned and can’t do anything about it. So yes Ubisoft this has ruined my experience and I am currently not trying to sue and complain about how poor the game is because it is one of the best games I’ve seen, but I and complaining about a bug which murders my joy every login I try. I hope you read this and take my thought into consideration because this is a major issue not just to me but those who don’t currently have a voice to speak as I am for them. Please, you are my and others only hope. P.s I didn’t mean to make this sound really dramatic, I’m just really upset and I would have redone this speech but it is too much to discard, yet it is really a problem so please don’t ignore me

  22. Dustin Dyer

    They need to make a movie out of this

  23. Monsters Gaming

    Even Ubisoft itself pronounces his name wrong, its an Arabic name, pronounced "al-ta-ir" "Ibin la ahad' meaning, the flying son of no one, pretty weird name but nice choice Ubisoft

  24. Malcolm W

    This game is bad since the last update TU8 the game is unbearable to play . Don’t waste your money it’s broken and they are not fixing it.

  25. cristallo86

    so you can only obtain the trophy on normal, not discovery right?

  26. Robert T

    I never want to kill a bad guy worse in any other game than I wanted to kill "The Father" in Far Cry 5, only to choose to let him live in New Dawn, LOL.

  27. Caleb Hatfield

    Ideas for next season: Give Nøkk interrogation When Cav or Nøkk are on the enemy team downed players have an option to take the easy way out before it happens More operator reworks

  28. Blackjack

    Man, the multiplayer was what got me into the Assassin's Creed franchise. I would watch gameplay of this and think, "This is different... I like it."

  29. Kr0nOs Max

    What a joke, you can fix a glitch Over night but can’t fix things that we all have been having over night.

  30. Alexander Rekshinskii

    Sam Fisher with best song

  31. Words Don't Hurt Me, These Shades Are Gucci

    That shot at 4:27 is probably one of the coldest things I've witnessed. Gotta love how the beat matched Macie looking smug at the camera.

  32. 1. Tipster

    Hey ubisoft i have idea have a feature for immersive gameplay call "double tap"( it can be turned on/off). What this will do is sometimes say the enemy is down but they have a chance of getting back up, so its important to shoot them while they're done.

  33. A. Doran

    I know, it's often other way around, but still I ll ask... Who came here after listening Leonard Cohen first? ;)

  34. Warren Gouldthorpe

    Why not make all splinter cell stuff free to play instead of making it exclusive to the expansion pass

  35. Aspect -

    ubisoft I think you guys should need to make better seasnol skins in og seasons there were too good like in blood orchid velvet shell now like there are ugly skins like every season from phantom sight all are ugly skins I think next season u guys should need to release better seasnol skins that would be too good. And I think you should release an event which has og thinks like jäger acog ash acog bandit acog and smg 11 acog. That would too good

  36. Mr. BuRGZ

    Hey Ubisoft do u think u can fix my game. I till cmt log in.

  37. kaua_p.b.r.

    Vocês terão que refazer esse vídeo daqui a 2 seasons

  38. Bence Szalai

    pls rayman 4

  39. The Couch Potato

    What about an assassin's Creed into the future where it takes place in like 3076 and the assassin's have turned bad and you as a rouge agent have to fix the corruption.

  40. Boiman mcboi Not stonks

    Everyone is today’s kids

  41. wael

    is there is full movie of this ??

  42. Komti

    covid 19 is just a name of diseases caused by sars cov 2

  43. Voodooツ

    so i bought the year 1 pass, but i cant set one of the new Specialists.. please help

  44. Professor Lane

    I need and operator that use speciality throwing knives, where can i give feedback to ubisoft??

  45. Zander Playz

    I love this game but it is very trash. Thanks for that really good update Ubisoft, I love the new cent rework Yk what I mean? If they don’t fix this game soon ima dip too 😂. Like I stg if there is another Orochi buff I’m out 🤣

  46. Abu Kawsar al nijam

    Pc or Android? Online or offline?

  47. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  48. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  49. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  50. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  51. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  52. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  53. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  54. 『Mistaroni』

    Those aren’t the rabbids

  55. [ V ]

    time to release

  56. Valentin Petkov

    My game progress is lost, i saved it many TIMES and it still reseting me from the beginning, pls help i was half way done with the game. How to RESTORE my progress.

  57. Vextility

    Hope this guy knows that basically defenders control every single room and *balcony* -_-

  58. Alex ElMOTH

    But hey, *A medical helicopter will be extracting injured person, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO BOARD THE HELICOPTER. For your own safety,keep the area surrounding the medical tent clear for authorized personnel and those in need of medical attention. Keep passport with you at all times, if a border agent asks for your papers,be prepared to provide them. Parents... hold passport for children Clear the area,move behind the barricade as quickly as possible If you need medical attention... inform one of the border agents.*

  59. Greg55Gaming

    In far cry 5, you could modify the car's appearance. You can't do that in New Dawn and it SUCKS.

  60. NyKne


  61. Lizer ne pidor


  62. Arthuro Landa Sanchez

    In 2020 trying to play far cry 4 muiltiplayer ubisoft can you put cross platform for all platforms xbox servers are dead and im trying to play

  63. Flurry

    Ubisoft goes out of their way to make 1:1 male to female operators. Women only have to do 19 push ups while men have to do 42 for the military. Facts. Woke garbage

  64. Peter

    The easiest way to win any Rainbow 6 short film is to be the cameramen.

  65. Harsh Vardhan

    *And then a Deputy arrives....*

  66. Aaron Davidson

    I have the season pass and can not access the 2 new classes please help

  67. 永龍PS4

    I have a question for the management about Division 2. When will Kenley be available? We were disappointed that we were not able to go though we were excited recently when we purchased and could finally go to new map. I think it is difficult to fix bugs and glitches, but please respond.

  68. Ankit Nag

    The virus outbreak. 😐

  69. Violent Knightz

    I deleted siege. I'm reinstalling it now. It put me in some BS Australian server. I didn't even know there was more than one server. What the hell? My ms is 4264!

  70. Marcin Świątek

    Starring Macie Jay as Pulse :P

  71. DarkPoisonG_YT

    This is nice! I was on the playstation free store like months ago looking for free games and I saw Growtopia and I was like OMG.

  72. Sean Brogan


  73. Jake Butcher

    I think Ubi is planning this for sure and is just setting the precedent for the game's setting and giving us an interconnected universe of sorts. I think given Ubi had to rejuvenate their business model for Breakpoint they won't screw it up..... I hope.

  74. Litothekid96

    Don’t worrie we will remake the whole game but then charge you for the splinter cell missions smfh this should have been gave us this type of mode since launch

  75. badca2K

    How did the desks not flip over

  76. Shahin Toska

    Thing big for videoedition

  77. Kar Lun LAW

    oh well, now the corona vibe intensifies...

  78. Violent Knightz

    There's obviously a 0.000001% chance y'all gonna read this but Jesus rainbow six is absolutely trash sometimes why am I in Australia? I'm in East US!! Because of this I lost my rank. My ms is 4294!!!!. and no one joins!!! I can't do anything about it! the ARsels videos don't work either! I switch it and then it switches back! I can't play siege anymore! I'm not doing this every damn time. Plus every time I can actually join a game it says *error occured go f yourself* god damn it ubi! Every method on console doesn't work for me! I restarted my Xbox, I did the ARsels methods in custom games, I searched all the options and nothing!!! This comment is probably gonna flow through the sea of it because you probably don't even read these! Edit: I have deleted siege. I can't join matches period and can't change my server from Australia back to America where it was originally. I hope to see higher results this time

  79. ShasRoblox

    " It is a great life we lead,brother" "The best.May it never change ""And may it never change us"= the best assasin's creed bro...

  80. REDDER


  81. Jordan Voges

    All people do nowadays is make a new game with better graphics but it's never really a better game

  82. Jordan Voges

    future soldier is better than this minus the graphics

  83. Crazy Dave

    Nobody talking bout how Pulse threw that game?

  84. Ngọc Nguyễn Hồng

    Thank You!

  85. CnJ Z

    *my entire team doing there part to win a ranked* me: 2:52

  86. Yusuf Miah

    Why is Tiandi in the truce isn’t he part of the samurai if not it will be cool if they had one more story of story mode

  87. kaua_p.b.r.

    0:06 "perfect loadout for rappel possibilities" not one of them really helps

  88. Mr King Kee


  89. mas bimsat

    what the meaning of no lag then ? sryy just asking , im not really understand