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  1. Bruno Salas

    Finally for once somebody appreciates the taste of my boogers. 6:34 :D

  2. Sathya Singh

    What is all this tension ahaha

  3. CrzyGood2004

    Foreshadowing on the eggplant one? Executive, Presidential eggplant! Lol

  4. Tyler Messer

    *"The more you eat, the not as bad as you thought it was gonna be it doesn't get..."* -Best Link Neil Quote of 2019

  5. Matthew Oppel

    We are in a simulation... the earth is what you make of it. It doesn't really exist tho... We are in a dream land

  6. Lindsay Bell

    “As you can see, we can’t” Never gets old every time Link says it

  7. Trevan Minnig

    There should be a Shania Twain Barbie 👀

  8. Caleb Purviance

    He said moist so deadpan omg

  9. Zachary Wright

    Hope you guys don't [email protected]$ a brick

  10. Exayevie

    9:44 was the exact moment I subscribed to GMM lol. By that point I had been in tears for a solid minute and a half!

  11. Caitlyn Nash

    Link is my fav 🤍

  12. Eroith


  13. Allyson Carlton

    I'm just confused why Razzles weren't used for the crunchy gum... 🤔

  14. Gnome Gay

    Rhett is being salty.

    1. Sean Ferree

      For real!

  15. Dane Schmittinger

    Who else was mad that they didn’t mention how he was in Gothem and he was the “Joker”.

  16. Sara B.

    GMM episode 6: The mythical crew get rhett and link to clean their dishes

  17. Nikki Feltman

    Who dislikes this stuff.

  18. The Gizmo


  19. Flamecrew9 At roblox

    The jacket is such a meme

  20. Andrey Zavorotny

    Yo I love laffy Taffy's and freaking Necco wafers

  21. Desi Paz

    OMG this is by far the funniest episode 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Charity Murray

    "You know your holes" 😳

  23. JC Johnson

    7:47 Rhett should have 8 points not 7

  24. Commenter 1233

    This is the most awkward episode of GMM i have ever seen😂😂

  25. Crittergirl81

    Thank you for the laugh, I needed it.

  26. Tobyc1315

    Link gets a glimpse of what everyone else goes through when they must work with him. He doesn't like it.

  27. John Joe


  28. Hi

    3:29 Link-“Robby 🥺”

  29. Lonnie Wilson

    Hire a new mechanic 👍

  30. Nala Mc

    Link looks like he has no eyebrows without glasses lol

  31. Bella The Awesome

    synesthetes of the comments section unite

  32. TheBackSeat

    I concur! Chao and Violife are a bit better then most vegan cheeses, has any one tried Parmela Creamery Nut cheese? The cashew “mozzarella” is the best!!!!!

  33. Minty Owl

    3:26 Did he just said the n word?

  34. Gacha_cookies

    I’m coming to the conclusion that Rhett will eat anything and likes it

  35. Tyler Messer

    The end of this video was the most disturbing thing I've ever witnessed. And I watched my son being born. Oddly enough, the two events were weirdly similar. 🤟🏻😳

  36. Beary The Bear

    Is nobody going to talk about Chase in the chocolate suit?

  37. zblury

    Shout outs Hungary 🇭🇺!!

  38. Elusive Urge

    wait a min, this isn't a yoursoloud video compilation.

  39. Sajid Rashid Habib

    #17 on TRENDING... Shouldn’t it be #1?!

  40. Jordan Johnson

    4:15 my hopes were put down

  41. soinhu foitu

    I say spleen was the best actually because they started exercising IMMEDIATELY.

  42. Shawn Roy

    1:10 lemon

  43. Jo-Anne Newcomb

    Apple cider is called pruno

  44. Jessilyn Collette

    That spleen bar looked so chocolatey and delicious

  45. Gerald Farrell

    Who approved the idea to do this again?

  46. Augie Traina

    It was a c*ck sleeve in a record sleeve

  47. John F. Kennedy

    Ahh yes, the mythical land of Albuquerque, California

  48. the boy yt


  49. Taylor Brackenbrough

    I wanna see a sequel to this.

  50. Madison Letts

    I didn’t know they had cards or like notes to read. I don’t know why It just never crossed my mind But they don’t get enough credit for how much they put into this ❤️

  51. lo key

    Lol Link be extra flirty with the camera today... 😂

  52. ClutchCaleb

    do you record these videos in the morning or am i supposed to watch in the morning? 🤨

  53. Gaming Man 103


  54. A Leigh

    Love love love some Cameron. But this would have been a good episode for Joe from "AfterPrisonShow"

  55. josh hafar


  56. Nicholas Kottkamp

    link enjoying pillow-man made my day

  57. Alexander Najdzion

    Can Good Mythical Morning do an episode on who has the best iced/sweet tea ? Every fast food/restaurant have their own

  58. Remula Evergaze

    I can't believe someone that plays games for a living doesn't know such a classic as Contra.

  59. TheAmazingJimmy

    Rhett is such a sore loser.

  60. KingXDragoon

    They're going to make documentaries of you guys 15-20 years from now

  61. Piggy Lover

    I learn a lot of stuff on here I just learned that u can’t eat Macaroni dry

  62. Brandon Rose

    I've never seen Rhett be such a sore loser lol

  63. Raven Monet

    Buffalo chicken roller is suppose to be ate with Boom boom sauce from Wal-Mart. Ranch is okay, but not boom boom sauce

  64. eople217

    Chairem Anime

  65. WalkerStudios1

    Rhett might've been thinking of teratoma! Basically like a dermoid.

  66. G & C Entertainment Industries

    I can’t believe there wasn’t one joke about suite life of Zach and Cody

  67. Ave Vee

    Rhett is so immature at the end and I’m loving it. It’s like an older brother and a younger brother irritating each other.

  68. Tianne Luke

    Love the energy in this video

  69. Sarah Seriah

    This Wheel ending was the precursor to Good Mythical Moms

  70. Nathan Anderson

    Wow dat old it 2020

  71. Madi Sunshine

    They were on a boat

  72. Tricia Dold

    To funny, the writers are to much for this show!!!!

  73. William Vouk

    This was just painful to watch

  74. Maniacal Coast

    Rhett almost had a perfect game

  75. Austin Berner

    I'm glad Rhett gave Link a taste of his own bad sportsmanship.

  76. GentleBreeze

    jee man , Rhett is such a legend. And before anyone misunderstands, of course Link is too. I just rly liked Rhett commentary/reaction in this vid xD

  77. Rachel Boisvert

    Link looks very cute in that outfit

  78. Tariq Burrus

    11:40 is when they grind the sticks but the whole video is worth the wait.

  79. Savage Bro 31


  80. Brittanie Curtis

    ...are you guys okay? All three of you seem frustrated, and it's worrying me 😞

  81. RYRY

    14:17 thanks for subscribening ~Link 2020

  82. Brad Owen

    I will never watch this show again.

  83. Shayla Lewis

    The Kappa jacket is my favorite thing about this episode 😂

  84. Emilie Waalk

    Omg I love y’all. Also I got my mom to watch y’all

  85. --

    Rhett not being his mythical best/10

  86. Luke Ryba

    this was a very strange feeling episode. Cool idea tho

  87. somegirlcalledcat

    The second item gave me Toy Story 3 flashbacks.

  88. NWAZ flatEarther

    I don't believe anything I was taught about history, is true.

  89. Austin Small

    Really like these kinds of episodes!

  90. Damaxy

    _”we should play a song!”_ 😂

  91. Elliott Larsen

    This episode would’ve been better with After Prison Show imo.

  92. Droozi

    Do a game where you try to guess what you smell. And the loser of the round gets to chose if they want the other player to eat or not eat the food smelt. So if you were to guess that you smelt a squid you can make the other player eat it.

  93. JoshJLMG Productions

    4:11 What?

  94. Carrus Brick Productions

    What are the ashes from

  95. Peaceable

    4:13 missed opportunity to say "milking isnt easy when your cheesey"

  96. Sarah Seriah

    Become something you don't

  97. Nola Derheimer

    Prison wine 😂🤣😂 they call that Hooch

  98. The Nido king

    Jonathan jacobo...